Best bedtime reading

I've fallen into the habit of looking at my phone before bed.

I would get into bed and do a lap or two through Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, email and my favourite news sites, then turn out the light and close my eyes.

Unsurprisingly, I had trouble falling to sleep.

I knew this was an unhealthy habit and I need to break it. But, what would I do with the last hour of my day?

Reading a book seemed like the best thing to do. But, what would I read? I've always had a genuine interest in cooking and have an ever growing library of cookbooks.

Now each night, I select a cookbook from the shelf that I haven't read in a while and take it with me to bed.

Right now I'm reading a lot about barbecue from the likes of Aaron Franklin, Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook, and Pitmaster by Andy Husbands & Chris Hart.