Adjusting to new normals

Everything is different right now and working from home all the time is bonkers.

I have found in the past couple weeks that, during my workday, I have been more distracted – by the little things I want to do around my house and my office now that I am just here all day every day.

So, in order to combat my newfound distractions, I’m trying to create routine to help me be more focused.

There is nothing complicated in this routine, it is based on a simple idea of having big chunks of the day blocked out.

It is essentially a copy of Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule.

What I like is how simple it is. Having only six blocks of time sheduled each day:

3 hours for getting ready
4 hours for working
2 hours for eating, reading and admin
4 hours for working
4 hours for for dinner and relaxing
7 hours for sleeping
A typical day now looks something like this.

I wake up around 5 am. Put on some comfy clothes. Make a cup of tea or coffee. Sit at the kitchen table and enjoy the quiet. I either read or write for 30 to 45 minutes.

Then it is into the home office to work until lunch, followed by more work in the afternoon.

The evening is spent cooking a meal and enjoying dinner with my wife. Some nights we may go for a walk around the neighbourhood, others we’ll just watch some television.

Finally it’s into bed sometime between 9 and 10pm.